Vintage Inboard Flatbottom Class
Part 2
The Competition Jet Class was for boats intended to be jet boats used specifically for racing and only had to have one seat for the driver. They were allowed normally aspirated 500 cubic inch motors that ran on gasoline. Other hull rules were the same as the Ski Jet Class. The Competition Jet Class had a prefix of "CJ" before the number.

Ski Jet Class started in the mid 1970's and were intended to be jet boats having typical water skiing equipment and appearance. They must have fully upholstered seats for three people. The 460 cubic inch maximum engine must be mounted forward of the jet drive and the crew must be seated in front of the engine. Engine must be normally aspirated and run on gasoline. Special rules for the jet drive were implemented.

KJ Class KJ
The Unrestricted Jet Class had hull rules just like the Competition Jet Class. There were no limits to the carbs, injection or supercharging on the engine or engines. The cubic inch limit total was 1,000. Any type of jet drives or drives were legal. 

Super Stock Class

SK Racing Runbout class   (SK-47 Das Firespitten Loudenboomer )
Das Firespitten Loudenboomer SK-47
SK Racing Runabout Class
The Ski Racing Runabouts class started in the late 1950's. In the early 1960's, they had a minimum weight of 1500 lb. with a maximum cubic inch of 400. They could use multi carbs, but no injection or blowers. They had a minimum length of 16 feet and a minimum width of 6'3." They must use gasoline and the driver must sit in front of the motor.

KRR Class (K Racing Runabouts) K
K Racing Runabout Class

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