USA National Champions - E Class
1957 Al-E-Cat Ray Lynn, Sr.  
1958 Bo Bo Too Alton Pierson R. Baker & Sons
1959 Bo Bo Too Alton Pierson R. Baker & Sons
1960 Beverly Ann Skeeter Johnson Sidney Johnson
1961 Honey Bear Alan Ford Norman Morris
1962 Budget Buster Ray Lynn, Sr.  
1963 Sam Too Rex Bixby  
1964 Wildcat Andy Lemeshewski  
1965 Vagabond Walt Strusek  
1966 Lil Squirt Don Benson Bruce McDonald
1967 Vagabond Walt Strusek
1968 Chuck Wagon Chuck Thompson
1969 Vagabond Walt Strusek
1970 Boomerang Jules LeBeouf
1971 Chuck Wagon Chuck Thompson
1972 1st State Skeeter Johnson Anthony Scarline
1973 Bo's Back Tom Baker  
1974 Bucaneer Mickey Franklin Victor Franklin
1975 Shazam John Prevost  
1976 Just E Nuff Marty Niles Donald Turner
1977 Calypso Too Chip Hanauer Ray & John Forbes
1978 Nudder Bo Wheeler Baker  
1979 Hire Voltage Stover Hire  
1980 Nudder Bo Wheeler Baker  
1981 Last Blast II Perry Walters Skip Gillam
1982 Last Blast II Wheeler Baker  
1983 Miss Group W Robert Allen  
1984 Budget Buster Ray Lynn, Jr.  
1985 Misty Lady Pat Patterson  
1986 Lemon Lime Slice Pat Patterson  
1987 Shopsmith Alan "Bo" Schide Ronnie Brunner
1988 Shopsmith Alan "Bo" Schide Ronnie Brunner
1989 Hot To Trot George Kennedy, Jr. Red Bird Racing
1990 Bonzai John Huganir  
1991 Southern Comfort Roy Wilson  
1992 My Way Mark Weber Mike Weber
1993 Big Bird Wheeler Baker Ray Linn, Jr.
1994 My Way Steve Weber Mike Weber
1995 NuTech Steve Weber Weber/Flynn
1996 Itech Patrick Hayworth Russel Hayworth
1997 Bad Frog Beer Mark Weber Weber/Flynn
1998 Agitator Wally Johnson  
1999 Hydro Tech V Andy Keogh Ke-Bar Marine
2000 My Way Scott Blackwell  
2001 Buccaneer David Leach  
2002 Teleflex Marine Mike Allen  

This list of USA National Champions have been compiled from many hours of research. 
These are as complete and correct as I could find using Propeller yearbooks as guides. 

© Phil Kunz

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