USA National Champions - H class
1950 Aljo Joe Van Blerck  
1951 Helen M. Fred Sutton, Jr.  
1952  Wildcatter B.G. Bartley  
1953 Mercury Oliver Elam  
1954 So Long Ray Fageol Lou Fageol
1955 Miami Queen Lou Nuta, Jr. Lou Nuta, Sr.
1956 Wildcatter Ron Musson B.G. Bartley
1957 Miss DeSoto George Byers  
1958 Miss DeSoto George Byers  
1959 Miss DeSoto Frank Byers  
1960 Challenger Chuck Lyford Jack Colcock
1961 Challenger Chuck Lyford Jack Colcock
1962 Sunshine Baby Ray Gassner  
1963 Royal Canadiana Art Asbury Aubert Brillant
1964 Royal Canadiana Art Asbury Aubert Brillant
1965 Crazy Thing Bill Sterett, Sr.  
1966 Crazy Thing Bill Sterett, Sr  
1967 Long Gone Bill Heath Les Brown
1968 Long Gone Davy Thomas Les Brown
1969 Record 7 George Babcock  
1970 Miss Budweiser Frank Byers, Jr.  
1971 Heavy Hauler Gene Whipp Lenny Ryden
1972 Heavy Hauler Gene Whipp Lenny Ryden
1973 Sudden Seven Howie Benns  
1974 Sudden Seven Andy Miller Howie Benns
1975 Heavy Hauler Don Ryan  
1976 Lauterbach Special Butch Kropfeld Norman Lauterbach
1977 Lauterbach Special Terry Turner Norman Lauterbach
1978 Miss Jenny Gordie Reed
1979 Edleweiss Larry Lauterbach John Stauffer
1980 Olympiad John Shaw
1981 Snapper Ray West
1982 Miss Jenny Gordie Reed
1983 Lauterbach Special Larry Lauterbach Don Ryan
1984 Deepwater Special  Tom Baker Norman Lauterbach
1985 Producer Mickey Franklin

This list of USA National Champions have been compiled from many hours of research. 
These are as complete and correct as I could find using Propeller yearbooks as guides. 

© Phil Kunz

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