USA National Champions
J/GNH class
1970 Sagres Tony Rodrigues  
1971 Miss New Jersey Perry Walters  
1972 Sagres Tony Rodrigues  
1973 Scorpio Tony Piazza  
1974 Edleweiss Bill Hodge John Stauffer
1975 Buccaneer John Leach  
1976 Lancer Nip Thomas  
1977 Olympiad Marty Niles Jack Shaw
1978 Schazam John Prevost  
1979 Something Special Nip Thomas Fred Schearer
1980 Orange Crush Marty Niles Huey Newport
1981 Orange Crush Mike Endres Huey Newport
1982 Bluewater Special Earl Hall Chris Hall
1983 Pachanga Terry Browning  
1984 Project 7 Chuck Woodruff  Greg Kramer
1985 Shazam John Prevost  
1986 Southern 7 Chuck Woodruff  
1987 Prime Mover Wheeler Baker Alan Vordermier
1988 Deel Me In Mark Tate James Deel
1989 Litre Of The Pack Mike Mammano  
1990 Steeler Steve David Hank Langsenkamp
1991 Prime Mover Tom Baker Alan Vordermier
1992 Deel Me In Frank Richardson James Deel
1993 Prime Mover Wheeler Baker Alan Vordermier
1994 High Pressure Charley Wiggins  
1995 Deel Me In Frank Richardson James Deel
1996 Deel Me In Frank Richardson James Deel
1997 Summer Dreams Joey Kreitzer Alex Stewart
1998 The Menace Dennis Macy Donna Macy
1999 Summer Magic Randy Hurst Darryl Monette
2000 Deel Me In Cal Phipps James Deel
2001 Nemesis Randy Hurst Doug Benning
2002 K & D Racing Kenneth Brodie II  

This list of USA National Champions have been compiled from many hours of research. 
These are as complete and correct as I could find using Propeller yearbooks as guides.

© Phil Kunz

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