USA National Champion - Y  Class
1951 Why Jack Van Deman J.N. Van Deman
1952  Ballerina C.A. Budwine  
1953 Snuffy Gilette Smith  
1954 Tinker Toy Gilette Smith Kenny Harmon
1955 Undecieded Too George Moniz  
1956 Little Racket II Jack Colcock  
1957 Southern Air Doc Moor  
1958 Southern Air Doc Moor  
1959 Southern Air Doc Moor  
1960 Sis S.E. Jones Sam Crooks
1961 Trinka Chuck Lyford F.W. Allen
1962 Southern Air IV Doc Moor  
1963 Piranha Mickey Remund Doc Eastman
1964 Southern Air Doc Moor  
1965 Sis  S.E. Jones  
1966 Voo Doo IV Jack Philpott  
1967 Southern Air Doc Moor  
1968 Last Blast Skip Gilluim  
1969 Caribe Wesley Nickens  
1970 Southern Air Doc Moor  
1971 Southern Air IV Doc Moor  
1972 Southern Air IV Doc Moor  
1973 Miss Muff Harrison Quirk  
1974 High Upkeep Jim Sellars  
1975 Lip Ship Butch Kropfeld Mike Lipshutz
1976 Lip Ship Butch Kropfeld Mike Lipshutz
1977 Lip Ship Butch Kropfeld Mike Lipshutz
1978 Super J Too Ed Perry Jim Appley
1979 High Upkeep Jim Sellars Jack Sellars
1980 Boss Cat Gerald Kelson Don Kelson
1981 Anti Stick Mark Tate  
1982 South Paw Dick Delsener  
1983 Boss Cat Gerald Kelson Don Kelson
1984 Instigator Jim Aid  
1985 Super J Too Ray Dong  
1986   Michael Covillo  
1987 South Paw Dick Delsener  
1988 Super J Too Ray Dong  
1989 Top Ticket Mark Butler  
1990 South Paw Dick Delsener
1991 Supply & Demand Charley Wiggins  
1992 Supply & Demand John  Wiggins Charley Wiggins
1993 Triple I Dan Wamsley  
1994 Lil Debt Cal Phipps Ries-Grenier
1996 Triple I Too Garry Wamsley  
1998 Triple I Garry Wamsley  
1999 Miss Zandy Joe Cheezum Cheezum-Oliver
2000 Polecat Russel Dodge  
2001 Miss Zandy Joseph Cheezum  
2002 Miss Zandy Tommy Thompson Joseph Cheezum

This list of USA National Champions have been compiled from many hours of research. 
These are as complete and correct as I could find using Propeller yearbooks as guides. 
You may notice there is one listing that does not have the boat's name. 
If you can help me complete the missing info, please email me.

© Phil Kunz

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