1920s & 1930s

Meteor Six I-8
Cincinnati, Ohio 1922?

Miss Cincinnati
Cam Fisher
Ohio River 1924?

Hermes III, I-100
Louisville, Kentucky

Usetco K-14
Cincinnati, Ohio 1928?

Miss Alice

Mercury I-11
Oliver Elam

Ventnor hull in South Africa
late 1930s

Tops III / Flatfoot F-1 / Viper III F-10
Jack 'Pops' Cooper / Hud Weeks / Tommy Chatfield
Palm Beach, Florida 1939
This is the oldest photo I have ever seen that showed a cab-over hydro in a limited class. 
If the rules were the same back then, he was probably the High Point Champion in 1938 since he is carrying the number F-1


© Phil Kunz

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